Virtual University of Pakistan (VU) MCS, MIT, BSCS, BSIT & BSSE CS619 Computer Science Final Project in Fall 2017

Dear Student
Following are complete details for MCS, MIT, BSCS, BSIT & BSSE CS619 Final Project students , if you any problem or have any question you can contact us at  Cell & whatsapp: 03338860202, 03008632906 or Skype : vusolutions 
CS619 Final Project is compulsory for MCS, MIT, BSCS, BSIT & BSSE degree program. Student need to develop a software application (web based, desktop based or android based) by completing its different phases.
CS619 Final Project Course Selection
The first step is to select CS619 Final Project in Curse selection in vulms. The course selection link has opened on 25th September 2017 so first you need to select CS619 Final Project Course in course selection of Fall 2017. (If you have complete minimum 30 credit hours)
CS619 Final Project Eligibility Criteria
MCS/MIT Students must have completed 30 credit hours to become eligible for taking the final project.
BSCS/BSIT/BSSE Students must have completed 90 credit hours to become eligible for taking the final project.
CS619 Final Project Title Selection
After 1st October a project list will publish in announcement of CS619 Final Project course in vulms. There will different projects titles and details of project requirement will be given. You will have choice to chose one project from list according to your understanding. Read complete details and requirements and then select a project title because if you select a project with having no knowledge then you may will not able to change the project. 
CS619 Final Project Language and Database 
Projects Normally related to PHP , Microsoft .Net C# , Java, VB.Net, ASP.Net You can select programming language according to your choice and chose project related to your favorite language. 
CS619 Final Project Partner / Group Members
 After selecting project from list. You can request from vulms or by sending email to supervisor for project partner. Before selecting project partner keep in mind you must know that person. If you dont know persons from list then then best thing is do project alone. 
CS619 Final Project Assignments
After successfully selection of project title. Its assignments will open after 25th October. There will 4 Assignments in it. 
CS619 Final Project Assignment No. 1: SRS Document Phase
Software Requirements Specification (SRS) is the first document of project. There are following 6 things in this phase. 
1. Scope (of the project)
2. Functional Requirements Non Functional requirements
3. Use Case Diagram
4. Usage Scenarios
5. Adopted Methodology
6. Work Plan (Use MS Project to create Schedule/Work Plan)
CS619 Final Project Assignment No. 2: Design Document Phase
 Design phase is the 2nd document of project. There are following 8 things in this phase. 
1. Introduction of Design Document       
2. Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
3. Sequence Diagrams
4. Architecture Design Diagram 
5. Database Diagram
6. Class Diagram
7. Interface Design
8. Test Cases
CS619 Final Project Assignment No. 3: Code Test Phase
Purpose of code test phase is to check your coding abilities. An assignment will open student need to solve assignment in selected programming language like PHP or C# or java Asp or VB with database and submit in vulms. After submission a viva schedule will open , student need to answer via skype/teamviewer call about his/her submitted assignment in vulms. if student pass he/she will proceed to start work on project final phase , if student fail in viva he/she will need to reappear for viva again.
CS619 Final Project Assignment No. 4:. Final Deliverable
 Final Deliverable contain on 3 things
i. Final Application  (Coding and Database )
ii. Final Project Report
iii. Final Project Presentation
Pre Viva for Coding
After Submission of Final deliverable student need to answer via skype/teamviewer call about his/her submitted final deliverable. If he/she pass it will qualify for Final viva voce Exam.
Final Viva Voce Exam.
Student will appear before Viva Panel and present your project. They will ask questions from your application and presentation and also one favorite subject. After this your project will complete and student will declare pass/fail .

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Comment by Arooj Khan on October 9, 2017 at 9:00am
Ignore Old Project Titles on VULMS Dated:Oct 03, 17
Intended Readers: All students who want to take a new project in Fall 2017 semester
Dear Students
List of new projects for Fall 2017 is expected to be published in 2nd week of Oct 2017 on CS619 announcements.
Meanwhile you may see some older projects on VULMS. All such projects are only for students from older semesters, so you shall ignore such projects.

Keep checking CS619 announcements on regular basis, throughout your project.

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