Virtual University of Pakistan (VU) MBA, M.Com, MPA, MBEcon, M. HRM, M. O & SCM, M. Mass Com, M. Psychology Final Project & Internship Course Fall 2017

Dear Student
Final Project and Internship Course is compulsory for professionals degree programs like MBA, M.Com , MPA, MBEcon, M. HRM, M Operation & Supply Chain Management, M. Mass Communication, M. Psychology. It is your choice to do Final project or internship. If you are doing job you will do project course in course selection if you are not doing job (you are just a student) you will select internship course in course selection. Final Project/Internship courses contains one semester. First you need to select project/internship course in course selection. Course selection link will open on 25th September 2017. If you have completed required credit hours you will be able to select project/internship course relevant to your degree program. Following are some basic information about Final Project and Internship course if you face any problem you contact us for assistance  Cell & Whatsapp: 03338860202 , 03008632906, or Skype : vusolutions 
Important Note
Login to LMS>> Click on Student Services >> My Study Scheme >> Check here in last semester what is your final project or internship course code. Some degree program like MBS not have any project or internship so before reading below details check your LMS do you have any project and internship course in your study program or not. If you have then read below details. 
Final Project Course Details
Final Project is for those students who are doing job, they need to present their Job confirmation Letter (JCL) to vu then they can do project work. Following are project courses subject codes (You need to select according to your degree) ACF619, BNK619, BNK620, COM619, ECO619, FIN619, FIN620, HRM619, HRM620, IT619, IT620, MCM619, MIS619, MIS620,  MGT619 ,MGT620, MKT619, MKT620, PAD619 , PSY619
Important Note: ( CS619, CS519 IT619, IT620, MIS619 MIS620 detail is different)
Final Internship Course
Internship is for those students who are not doing job, they have choice to do internship in different industries/ companies / banks etc. Internship students need to provide ICC (Internship Completion Certificate) after completion of 6 to 8 week internship in company/industry/bank related to their field. Following are internship courses  (You need to select according to your degree) ACFI619, BNKI619, BNKI620, COMI619, ECOI619, FINI619, FINI620, HRMI619, HRMI620, ITI619, MCMI619, MGTI619, MGTI620, MISI619, MISI620 MKTI619 MKTI620 PADI619  PSYI619
Proposal for Final Project
Final Project proposal is 1st assignment in final project course of above project course code. Fall 2017 classes will start from October 16, 2017 and first assignment final project submission date will near to 30 October.  A list of topics is given in LMS download option of project course. Download Projects topics list and read all topics. You need to prepare proposal on one of them topic. Proposal format also given in download section. Follow project proposal format and prepare accordingly dont copy anything from internet or other sources because VU has zero tolerance for plagiarism in final project if plagiarism material find in final project proposal, report you may declared fail. So prepare proposal in good with your own soul effort. After approval from instructor student can start work. Student has 3 chances to improve and submit their project proposal if in 3 chances proposal not approved then student will declare fail and will not continue project.
There is no need submit proposal in Internship course. Internship student start finding any company, industry, organization, bank etc and find a reference there and request them to allow internship of 6 to 8 week there and in different departments related to your degree specialization. Keep in mind you need to find internship by yourself. VU will not provide you any internship. VU can issue only reference internship Letter. Suppose you find a company, industry, organization, bank the they ask you give us prove you are VU student and get a letter from university then you can request VU to issue reference letter. You will provide that company, industry, organization, bank to VU and VU will send reference letter to that company, industry, organization, bank with detail you are a student. So without wasting any time and start finding  company, industry, organization, bank so you can do internship.
Final Report
Student need to make a report of their final project/internship according to vu given template and submit in vulms, instructor check it if any improvement require instructor highlight it , student prepare report again and submit , instructor check it again , student have 3 chances to improve and submit their report.
Final Presentation
After approval of final report , student prepare final presentation according to vu given template and submit in vulms.
Final viva voce Exam
In January and February 2018 student will call for viva voce exam in vu campus or at skype. Viva Exam will through video conferencing. During viva student present presentation file, instructors ask questions about their project/internship analysis , conclusions, recommendation if student answer properly , student pass successfully. If student fail to answer, they give another chance for viva in next semester. 
Final Project/Internship Marks
Its compulsory course but there are no marks for final project and internship. There will result only Pass or Fail. 

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