Easy Animated Education or Academic Educational Games : An Idea

I have this idea for many years to make education easy and very interesting for students. Idea was to make games, interactive applications/simulations and animated gifs/videos to educate students according to academic career. I could not start any work on this idea because I was too busy doing my work, study, self-growth  and family, I could not put my time on this. Another big reason was , Money.  So last night what I did , I made an Open Source Repository on Github.com. Largest center of world's open source projects. It was just an initiative. I shall actually start working on it after my exams .

What is Open Source?

You can think of Open Source = Free :) Yes Free. 

But actually open source is much more than that. It is collection of licences that give you free access to use/change/share the product. You have access to actual code or source files of the project. And you can even contribute to such open source projects. Firefox is an open source project by Mozilla. Chromium is a project by Google. Chromium works under Chrome Browser. 

More on Open Source 

Enough about Open Source. Let's get back to business. So I started a repository on Github. This was a small start and a reminder to me that I need to start soon on it. I shall make some good starting samples for the world to see. After that, I believe people will come to my project and hopefully will contribute in making more helping material. These will be animated GIFs for different topics in your books to help you better understand the concept. Animations will be simple for smaller levels and detailed for higher/college students.

So this was idea. What do you think about it? Any suggestion, comment?

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