MTH100 General Mathematics Mid Term Paper Spring 2017 of Virtual University (VU)

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Mid-Terms Syllabus for Spring 2017 Mid Term Papers 03 June 2017 to 15 June 2017

Dear Students,
This is to inform you that midterm syllabus (Lessons 1-22) will be included in the midterm examination spring 2017. The paper will comprise of both objective type questions (Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) of 1 mark each) and subjective type questions (theoretical questions of 2, 3 and 5 marks). You will be required to attempt all the questions. Fifty percent object and fifty percent subjective portion in midterm exams. 

Paper Pattern of VU Mid Term Exams Spring 2017

The total duration of the paper is 60 minutes

There are Total 26 Questions are 40 marks

The paper is comprised of:

20 MCQs (one mark each)

2 questions of 2 marks 

2 questions of 3 marks 

2 questions of 5 marks 


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