CS710 Mobile and Pervasive Computing Mid Term Paper Spring 2017 of Virtual University (VU) 

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Mid-Terms Syllabus for Spring 2017 Mid Term Papers 03 June 2017 to 15 June 2017

Dear Students,
This is to inform you that midterm syllabus (Lessons 1-22) will be included in the midterm examination spring 2017. The paper will comprise of both objective type questions 

CS710 - Mobile and Pervasive Computing

Dear Students 

Mid exam will be conducted from Lecture 1 to 22. Please prepare completely. Expect all types of questions. 

Good luck, 

1-over view phone window 7 
2-surface n audio related (10)
3- Run time OS 5

CS710 Current Mid Term Paper

Multi-device app & multi-modal app difference

Android Zygote importance

Android runtime interaction

Today my CS710 Paper 
10 MCQs
How Hardware Abstraction Library exists? 5 marks
Why Hardware Abstraction Libraries (HAL) is used in android? 5 marks
Difference between multi-device application and multi modal application? 5 marks
Describes symbian packages and how to splitting pakages in symbian ? 10 marks


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