AOA friends any one has the solution for mgt603

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AoA dear,here is the required solution edit it little bit and than submite
Assignment No#1 MGT 603

Submitted by: IFTIKHAR HUSSAIN WARRAICH (MC160403259)

Date: 14th May, 2018

Answer 1
It is suggested that Eagle Mobile should carry out SWOT analysis of the external and internal environment with respect to the features of their own brand with comparison to other similar mobile brands available in the market. Therefore, first of all it should conduct an assessment of its internal strengths and weaknesses.

During Internal assessment some possible strengths and weaknesses were found which are appended below

Internal Strengths
Durability of the brand
Innovative features, which are yet not introduced in the market by other mobiles
Long Battery / talk time as compared to other similar brands
User friendly handling and ease of access to different features
It can be easily operated, even illiterate people can use it conveniently

Internal Weaknesses

Poor quality of camera installed in the mobile
Poor quality of the speaker installed in the mobile
Its keypad is very hard to press buttons
Its screen size is small to view pictures and videos

Answer 2
During external assessment some possible strengths and weaknesses were found which are appended below

External Opportunities
Identify a niche market, which was neglected by the competitors
An increase in the disposable income of the general public
An increasing trend of general population in the use of mobile
Eagle Mobile price competitiveness
Competitor facing a law suit and downfall in the market

External Threats
An expected increase in the tax rate by the Government imposed on mobile phones
A new competitor’s entry into the market in similar brand with price skimming strategy
A global campaign against the side effect of the excessive use of mobile
Due to improvement in the technology people tends to shift toward other fast and cheap mobile technology which is now easily available than in the past.

WOA  thank you so much  Iftikhar Hussain Warraich 


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