Management Information Systems (CSCS 373)
Assignment 2

Question 1: What is Operating System? Give 3 examples. Also explain 3 different functions of Operating systems.
Question 2: What are the special functionalities of Workgroup and enterprise level utility programs?
Question 3: Differentiate between Open source, public domain, and shareware and freeware software.
Question 4: What is Cloud Computing? What are its special characteristics? What are the three types of services provided on the cloud?
Question 5: What were the problems of the traditional approach to data management? How did Database management solve those problems?
Question 6: Suppose a retail store has following two tables in the database: CUSTOMER (Cust-ID, Name, Phone, e-mail address) and SALES (T-ID, Product code, Date, Time), which represents the sales transaction. There is a one-to -many relationship between customer and sales that is one customer can do multiple sales transaction. For the data given here, do the following:
a) Draw the tables for the CUSTOMER and SALES
b) Identify the primary keys from these tables
c) Add the foreign key according to the one to many relationships.
d) Add up to four records for each table of your own choice.
e) Show selection: If the store owner wants to see the customer information for any one of the sales transaction.
f) Show projection: If the store owner wants to view only the product code and date of transactions of a certain customer (e.g. who has Cust-ID = 3).

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Question number 06 ka answer chahye 


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