Register Now for phase 4 of PM laptop scheme

- Instructions will be published on LMS notice board soon.

- All students who have got earlier are illegible.

- Last date to apply is 30 Sep 2017.

- CNIC is mandatory for applicants.

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why Bsc bachelor  are not eligible??

this scheme is different

Sonia Naseer said:

why Bsc bachelor  are not eligible??

how different is this scheme???
can you explain??

1st term of BSc student are illegible for this scheme, as in 1st term no cjpa. Ucan only apply when u will be in 2nd sem

now i'm in 4th smester mean i have passed 3rd smester can i apply??

Plz read above link carefully.... all student who got laptop they got got admission

before 2015.

thank you soo much for the information .

and i got it efficiently...

Can I apply before notice board assignment?

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